Wahoo KICKR Zwift Station

zwift_fb_heroIt’s that time of the year, the days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting cooler and before you know it we will be in the frozen in winter.  As a result many of us suffer from lost fitness over winter.  Usually this is a result of just not wanting to ride, and we know that many of us despise riding indoors on a trainer.  Luckily for us there’s a technological fix for that, with the advent of smart trainers, like the Wahoo Kickr and apps like Zwift, indoor cycling sucks a lot less.

If you have ever wondered about a smart trainer and how Zwift ups the ante, come check out our all new Wahoo Kickr Swift Station.  This station allows you to try out the Kickr, and Swift together and we think you’ll love it.  If you don’t know, the combination of Zwift and a smart trainer allows for most realistic riding indoors.  By hooking up Zwift to a smart trainer your resistance will change automatically as you climb hills, descend, draft and take a pull, simulating the real world.  Plus with Zwift you’re connected and ride along with other “players”, so their’s a social aspect as well.

Want to learn more about Zwift and how it works, just check out this race between the GCN guys and Jens Voigt.  And if you want to try it out for yourself, come by Freshbikes Arlington and have a go at it.

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